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Hire our mobile app developers that enable you to create high-performing, addictive, and revenue-generating mobile applications.

Our app development services are backed by 100+ custom software engineers, UI/UX designers, and more. The team’s core differentiator is enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to build exceptional digital experiences.

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But Why Do You Need Custom App Development?

The iOS and Android app development market currently stands at $82.32 billion and is projected to grow by $366.93 billion by 2030. The exponentially growing market itself testifies to the importance of mobile apps and further intrigues entrepreneurs, start-ups, and even multinationals to outsource mobile app development to trusted vendors like Keach Digital Agency.

Believing that every idea that solves a problem should have a physical manifestation, Keach Digital Agency offers entrepreneurs and business owners the option to hire us as their professional app developers. They can also collaborate with us to figure out the most appropriate app development service they need right now. We call such collaborative sessions a “Free 30-minutes Consultancy.”

Our application development solutions are designed to transform ideas into tangible and scalable mobile applications that unlock opportunities for growth expansion and generate revenue. The drive and vision of our organization to leverage modern

technologies and develop applications enable you to overcome your business challenges and, in return, make us one of the top mobile app development and consulting services providers in the competitive market.

Comprehensively Dynamic Suite of Mobile App Development Services

The comprehensiveness and dynamism of our application development services go hand-in-hand and enable clients to choose the best iOS app development services or Android app development services as per their requirements.

The dynamic side represents our knack for keeping up with the latest programming languages, technologies, tools, and other relevant aspects to ensure that our services remain competitive in the app development for business niche.

For 7+ years in the industry, we’ve been developing all types of mobile applications. We’ve rendered services such as IoT mobile app development to hybrid app development.

We’ve helped several businesses with end-to-end mobile app development demands by developing fully functional and high-performing applications that are backed by cutting-edge technologies.

With the experience of working with multiple industries and the robust expertise of our app developers in the U.S, you can ensure that your application will be designed to disrupt the existing app development market. Our mobile app development services include the following:

Mobile App Development Services

Offering Exclusively Tailored App Development Services

As a market leader, Keach Digital Agency has been utilizing data to determine market demands and tailoring our application development services to meet the requirements of well-entrenched brands, start-ups, or entrepreneurs.

This aspect of our website and mobile app development company has significantly contributed to our growth as an organization, enabling us to take the #1 spot when it comes to dedicated application development.

Adopting the latest technologies and modern tools, ideating and iterating their implementation to determine their effectiveness in various cases, we’re basically the end-to-end mobile app development provider that has become an incubator hub.

A key enabler of growth for businesses, a strategic partner that helps them overcome digital product development challenges by providing tailored solutions for VC-backed start-ups, established businesses, and government organizations. 

Mobile App Development Services

Here's a nutshell version of what we're offering:

Why Choose Keach Digital Agency for Your Application Development?

In a nutshell, it comes with several advantages that, as business owners, entrepreneurs, C-Level executives or well-entrenched brands, you can avail. For starters, the approach of Keach Digital Agency. The part where we leverage data analytics, study the culture and demographics of your target market and believe in communication and collaboration to develop iOS and Android apps.

Next comes the expertise and experience that our professional app developers in the US offer. Let it be software development, app development, understanding different architectures and design methodologies, and more, our experts stay up to date with the latest to ensure that you get the most modern application in your industry.

This helps you to differentiate, showcase your unique value propositions (USPs), and achieve success that validates your idea and makes your time spent on app development with us worth it. Here are a few more critical reasons to work with our app development company:

We’re in Love with Data

We’ve said it – We’re the app developer for hire in the US that leverages data analytics to develop robust mobile applications of all types.
Our team consists of a few data scientists, engineers, data analytics experts, and more who identify, evaluate, and validate opportunities for your mobile applications.

Growth-Driven App Development

From the inception of your app project, our custom app development agency has been hyper-focused on ensuring the growth of your business.
From the inception of your app project, our custom app development agency has been hyper-focused on ensuring the growth of your business.

100+ App Development Experts

We’re a hub of app developers, UI/UX designers, researchers, product strategists, and others.
Allocating the best talent per your mobile application’s requirements, our team ensures an effective and efficient app development process and timely project completion, enabling you to quickly take your project to the market.

7+ Years & Counting

What started 7+ years ago has turned into a quest for enabling business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries like you to succeed through revolutionary digital solutions such as our custom mobile app development services.
Fast forward to today, we’re fully equipped, staffed, and primed to take your mobile app idea to the next level and ensure the creation of a next-gen app.

Our App Development Portfolio

Dive into the diverse success stories that showcase our app development expertise. Each partnership, collaboration, and application built testifies to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and satisfaction.

The Manually Automated App Development Process

The manually automated app development process we follow blends human intervention with creativity and automation to accelerate the conventional process of app development by injecting efficiency and effectiveness.

From the initial discovery meeting to post-deployment support, every aspect of the app development process at Keach Digital Agency has been fine-tuned to ensure performance and adaptability.

Discover & Strategize

In the initial phase, our custom app developers understand your objectives, target audience, and app requirements.

This leads to the formulation of a strategic development plan that aligns with your objectives and sets the foundation for the app development process.

Design & User Experience

This phase focuses on leveraging our UI/UX expertise to create an intuitive and engaging user interface, design, experience, and visuals of your application.

Our UI/UX developers create minimal yet impactful layouts and navigational elements. We then test the experience for seamlessness and predictability.

App Development & Testing

Our custom app development services finally reach completion by bringing the app design to life by integrating robust functionality created through a rigorous process of ideating and testing technologies such as programming languages and more.

The app undergoes comprehensive quality testing and assurance to ensure it is bug-free, user-friendly, and ready for launch.

Development & Post-Launch Maintenance 

Once the app passes the Q/A phase and is tested for performance, functionality, response, and other critical metrics, we deploy it to the app stores, which include Android and iOS.

But the job doesn’t end there. We provide ongoing support and updates to ensure your app stays current and continues to meet user needs. (this depends on whether you need post-deployment maintenance or not)

Advanced Practices to Ensure Modern Mobile Application Development

Our custom app development services are always revisited to ensure they stay competitive in terms of development practices. We consider advanced practices as the key to creating high-quality applications for clients.

Here’s everything we cater to when opting to advance our mobile app development practices:

Our Impressive Technology Stack

The Love Our Online Marketing Company Has Garnered Over the Years

Samantha Roberts CEO AT Twin Digital

Keach Digital is the epitome of excellence in digital marketing. Their SEO services helped us achieve success in a highly competitive market. Thanks to their innovative approach, we've seen a phenomenal 200% increase in website traffic, leading to a substantial boost in sales. The team's professionalism and expertise make them a pleasure to work with.

Merl Dawson CMO AT Shoeshive

Keach Digital’s data-driven strategies have completely transformed our online presence. In just four months, we've experienced an astonishing 180% increase in website conversions. The team's expertise and dedication have been instrumental in driving our success.

Ryan Thompson CEO AT Fashion Notion

They’re a result-oriented digital marketing company. They enhanced the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, resulting in a remarkable 250% increase in social media engagement, a 27% increase in qualified leads, and a 76% increase in organic traffic. The team's creativity and attention to detail are second to none.

Makpal Bobatayeva CEO AT GlamGarb

We partnered with them for custom software that offered support for internal communication to ensure process refinement. Within the projected timeline their team was able to deliver a robust software based on modern technology that was scalable, efficient, and performed exceptionally well.

Emily Mitchell CEO AT Luxe Line

Thanks to their expertise, we've seen a phenomenal 30% increase in brand visibility and engagement, leading to a significant uptick in marketing-engaged leads, sales, and revenue. The team's creativity and dedication to our success make them a valuable partner.

Blog: Insights and Tips from Our Experts

Get your hands on exclusive insights, coverage on the latest trends and tips and much more from our custom mobile app development experts.

Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

The entire app development industry validates our expertise and experience in offering custom mobile application development services.
However, leveraging modern methodologies, user-centric design, and advanced development methodologies, coupled with a strong focus on growth, makes us one of the leading mobile app development companies in the USA.

When choosing a mobile app development company in NYC, consider their portfolio, client feedback (find feedback on Clutch, G2, Capterra & more), and whether their services align with your business goals.

You can hire our dedicated developers for your project by reaching out to us through our website or contact number. We’ll discuss your requirements and how we can best meet them. Click on the button below to get connected with us instantly.

Choosing our mobile app development services for your start-up ensures you get a scalable, secure, and efficient app that’s tailored to your unique needs.

The time to build and launch an app in the USA can vary based on complexity, but typically, it ranges from a few weeks to several months. Here’s a breakdown of the type of apps and the time it requires to build them:

App Type

Estimated Time

Simple App Development

2 – 4 Months

Average App Development

4 – 6 Months

Complex App Development

9+ Months


The cost of app development can range from $16,000 to $48,000 or more. The cost to develop an app in the USA depends on various factors such as the complexity of the app, the number of features, and the hourly rate of the developers. It’s best to get a quote for a more accurate estimate.

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